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Spelling at Rowsley CofE Primary school is an important part of our teaching and we have dedicated spelling time in KS2 following on from the phonics teaching in KS1. 

At KS1 the spellings follow the Little Wandle phonics scheme with spelling words, based on the sounds of the week. 

At KS2, we use Spelling Shed. Each child is given their own log in so that they can practice at school and at home. 

Every week the children are introduced to a set of words and will then get acquainted with the words throughout the week. An explanation of how the words are linked is taught. The lists are organised by spelling patterns, sounds or affixes. 

Examples of list titles:

  • Words with the prefix inter-
  • The /r/ sound spelled wr
  • Words ending in -ible or -able
  • The /j/ sound spelled as a g

Through the Spelling Shed programme, we also look at the morphology and etymology of words. 

A spelling list is sent home for the children to learn every week, these words can be found on the Spelling Shed programme and can also be practiced in many other ways too. Examples of which can be found below and on the class pages.  

The children are then tested after a week to ensure that they are learning the words and their spelling patterns.