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After consulting pupils, parents, staff and governors of the Peak Tor Federation we have defined spirituality as:

"Spirituality is not something we can see; it is something we feel inside ourselves. It is a connection to something that is bigger than ourselves. It is about awe and wonder, asking ultimate questions and being inspired to look beyond ourselves and serve and care for others and nature.

Spirituality is not something that can be contained to words and is therefore hard to define. It is more who we are, our thoughts, feelings and beliefs. It is what makes! 

At the Peak Tor Federation we nurture our children's natural sense of awe, wonder and curiosity through our Christian teachings and wider curriculum offer.  Our aim is to set the foundations for children to develop their own spiritual journey.


"Spirituality is like a bird;if you hold it too tightly, it chokes; if you hold it too loosely, it flies away. Fundamental to spirituality is th absence of force." Rabbi Hugo Gryn


Pupils’ spiritual development is shown by their: 

• Beliefs, religious or otherwise, which inform their perspective on life and their interest in and respect for different people’s feeling and values

• Sense of enjoyment and fascination in learning about themselves, others and the world around them, including the intangible

• Use of imagination and creativity in their learning

• Willingness to reflect on their experiences.


Elements of spirituality

The four elements of spirituality consist of:   



  • Awareness of feelings; ability to reflect and express   

  • Awareness of our uniqueness; happiness with who we are   

  • Gratitude for the things we have and the person we are   

  • Exploration of personal faith   

  • Development of imagination and creativity   


  • Empathy and understanding; respect, tolerance   

  • To love and be loved (loving your neighbour)   

  • Making a difference; duty   


Beyond -Transcendence (Beyond Human Physical Experiences)   

This element of spirituality is specific to our Church schools: 

  • Encountering/experiencing God (having a sense of what lies beyond the material/physical)   

  • Ability to formulate and discuss the ‘Big Questions’ (eg, about life, death, suffering, nature of God)   

  • Opportunities for prayer, connecting with God   

  • Making sense of the world   


Beauty and Nature 

  • Developing a sense of awe and wonder   

  • Enjoying the miracles of everyday life   

  • Taking time for what really matters   

  • Appreciating beauty in art, music, nature 

Whilst developing our federation's sense of spirituality, this acronym by Rebecca Nye resonated with us as a federation: